Sedona Vacation Rental Association Responds to Mayor's Attack on Visitors to National Red Rock Treasure


SEDONA, Ariz., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ — A national association of homeowners in the Sedona area is responding to mis-categorizations of Sedona commerce as non-tourist in nature and to its Mayor’s refusal to modify outdated ordinances prohibiting tourists from visiting less than a month in a Sedona vacation home — a promulgated prohibition of short-term or weekly vacation rentals.

“Mayor Pud Colquit is on record in council transcripts that Sedona is not a tourist/resort town,” said David Mathews, spokesperson for SVRSA. “A proposal updating the City books and modifying the prohibition to allow for regulated provisioning of weekly rentals, was presented by the city attorney and Colquit refused further consideration of the updates. This action continues the prohibition and strengthens policing of weekly vacations in Sedona custom homes.” Mathews added that updates by the City Attorney would’ve provided licensing, regulation and taxing of vacation homes to benefit the community and tourists. “Modifications did not even further suggest daily vacation rentals — but probably should have.”

Instead, staff was directed to increase policing efforts, making weekly stays in vacation homes Class 1 misdemeanors with possible $2,500 fines and 6 months jail. “It’s unclear who is the target — homeowners, property managers, tourists — but it’s the Wild West here and in visiting nowadays you should be prepared to face the Sheriff.”

“Consider whether City Council is creating an elitist society and refusing this national treasure to the larger U.S. — except under terms of a hotel? Or is big hotel and timeshare money being pocketed by council member campaigns, as reported in the local Red Rock News (February), at play in keeping tourists solely in motels/hotels?” Mathews asked. “Its steadfast refusal to share homes with tourists who desire coming to Sedona, to relax, vacation and spend vacation allowances on commerce.”

Aspen, Tahoe and Maui communities successfully updated policies on vacations, said Mathews. “Sedona has wherewithal to do the same for tourism/real estate, rather than lay to waste and economic loss values that are already suffering.” Sedona is a national namesake with federally protected parks and SVRSA is bringing national focus on this issue. “Sedona citizens themselves voted at nearly 75% ‘for’ short-term rentals in the city paper. It’s up to national tourism to weigh in,” Mathews suggested. “Sedona homes are gateways to nearby Grand Canyon, Monument National Park, and the Navajo Nation. Tourists are now forced to start weekly adventures from a motel room, and not from Sedona vacation homes.” An Aug. 2006 Economic Study, commissioned by the City of Sedona, cites more than 2.8 million tourists visit Sedona each year with a tourism economic impact of more than $600 million. USA Today — Weekend, cited Sedona #1 under 10 Most Beautiful Places in America.

SOURCE Sedona Vacation Rental Association

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