Scottsdale, Arizona Horse Property For Sale and Short Sale Specialist
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Scottsdale, Arizona Horse Property For Sale and Short Sale Specialist

Scottsdale, AZ – October 8, 2010 – (RealEstateRama) — If you are thinking about buying or selling horse property, you first step is to visit  There, you can get in contact with an experienced Realtor to help you with all of your Arizona Horse Property needs.  If you have been thinking about selling a home in Arizona, this is the first place you will want to start. Pricing your home correctly may be the most important factor when putting your home on the market with a Real Estate professional with the current market conditions. Many home owners wonder how to price their home correctly.

It is fine to look at what is currently available for sale in your neighborhood to get a very rough idea of what the general price range is in the area, however, this is not how price should be determined when discussing selling your home. When and if your home does actually sell after you put your home on the market, an appraiser will generally come to your home to complete an appraisal for the buyers lender. Very rarely will a buyer buy a home that does not appraise for the contract price. A buyer has several ways of backing out of the contract, and if the contract price is five hundred thousand, and the home appraises for four hundred and fifty thousand,  the contract will usually be renegotiated, or the buyer will back out if the buyerand the seller do not come to an agreement.

The best way to determine price is very simple. Look at recent sales in your subdivision with comparable amenities. If your same exact style home down the street sold for three hundred thousand a few weeks ago, that would be a good comparable property to determine price. Depending on the market conditions will help determine where to price your home. When the market is strong in the sellers favor, and your same style home with comparable amenities sold down the street a week ago for three hundred thousand, it may be a good idea to price your home at three hundred and fifteen thousand. This is how homes appreciate, and an appraiser knows this. You can not get crazy and price the home at three hundred and fifty thousand if the best comparable property in the area sold for three hundred thousand. An appraiser will not appraise the home for this amount.

Nicholas McConnell
Scottsdale, Arizona Coldwell Banker