“Integration not Isolation – Key to Sustainability”


Phoenix, AZ – June 20, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Where will we be in five years regarding sustainability and the job market as they pertain to personal lifestyle, customer loyalty, and employee expectations?

One of the principal areas of awareness is daily lifestyle, i.e., eliminating styrofoam cups from workplace and personal use; incorporating sustainability training into educational and workplace venues; choosing auto purchase with maximum usage in mind; purchasing services and products from exclusively certified sources/vendors; investing money “where your mouth is”.

The simplicity of returning to elemental seasonal living, reflected in Kurozawa’s last film, Yume, portrays the human need for connection, balance and harmony.  Deeper and broader areas concern  energy conservation, wise use of natural resources, walkable live/work spaces, informed education and adding sustainability to the core educational value of existing curricula.  The USA and its global partners need  to think and act differently by focusing on consolidation vs. dispersal of energies.

Marriott International reflects the consolidation principle through corporate alliances, for example, with Bank of America.  Marriott’s prototypes, such as Fairfield Inn  and Courtyard by Marriott,  unburden franchise owners from the responsibility of green design “by scratch” and ensure consistency in Marriott’s global presence, thereby also stimulating support by green supportive hotel guests.

Dispersal of energies are reflected in viewing retrained licensed plumbers in  Melbourne, Australia  who understand the principles of sustainability and differences between black water, gray water, solar installations. Unlike the USA’s situation, Australia has only had a reported 4.9% unemployment rate in May, 2011 per Trading Economics. Australia’s industries invest heavily in solar technology and have recently come off several years of drought.  Phoenix, AZ whose residents utilize 850 liters of water per day, per person, contrasts with Melbourne’s  +4 million population, a projected allowance of 150 liters of water per day, per person. There is a need for a cultural shift in developing minimum standards for energy efficiency, international policies for rating tools, etc.  Sustainability offers a better way to make a better profit against the “competitor who doesn’t get it”.  Built environments involve the individual, neighborhood, community and city, lest we forget, the world.

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Maureen Herron
MH-Global Communications Network is a full service international communications
business headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  Phone:  602-579-0361; maureenherron (at) q (dot) com.


Maureen Herron is Executive Director of MH-Global Communications Network, a full-service marketing, communications and public relations business specializing in the environment/sustainability initiatives, tourism, the arts, health/wellness, education and business at the local, state, national and international levels.  A seasoned educator, marketing and communications professional, Herron is a long-time resident of the State of Arizona. Boutique representation for clientele representative of the hospitality industry currently includes international property management and marketing, food and beverage and editorial venues Clients include: Investors Hospitality Management,James Ratliff Gallery, The Creative Spark, Cartus Worldwide, International Institute of Modern Butlers, Lanning Gallery, Turquoise Tortoise Gallery, Association of Travel Marketing Executives, Foothills Food Bank.  She assisted Eleven Wireless with the launching of its newest product, ElevenBC, at the International Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show in New York City.

Herron serves as Editor of the IHM’s Journal of Stewardship with Sustainability™ and member of Hospitality Performance’s Portfolio of Partners as well as inaugural member of IHM’s Global Alliance of Stewardship with Sustainability.


Maureen Herron
Executive Director
Phone: 623-580-9590

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